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   Empire Worldwide Ltd.
P.O. Box 7196, Jebel Ali,
Email: milton@empireline.com

Worldwide Commodities / FMCG Exporter.

Based in Jebel Ali, Dubai - U.A.E, we export diverse range of items such as Bulk Commodities, FMCG Products, Oil well Supplies, Automobiles and Construction equipments to a number of destinations throughout the world. We also trade extensively in bulk product, both organic and non-organic, and are often able to procure 'specials' to suit your needs. Exports by Empire vary from traditional agricultural commodities to sophisticated manufactured products.

Negotiating, contracting and shipping, Empire seeks to introduce new products, explore new markets and undertake wide ranging ancillary functions such as Product Development, Financing, Quality Control and Import of machinery and raw materials for export production.


Agricultural Products Manufactured Products Frozen Food
Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Cashew, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco , Rubber, HPS Groundnut, Castrol Oil. Electronics, Consumer Products, Textile & Garments, Leather Products, Engineering & Construction Equipments, Automobiles, Processed Foods, Iron Ore, Steel Raw Materials. Halal Meat, Chicken and Fresh Vegetables.

As an existing or potential customer, the following are the basis of our service to you:

  • Direct dealing with many suppliers from Indian sub-continent, Brazil and USA.
  • Fastest closing and transportation solution through our exclusive Logistics Division, Jebel Ali, USA and India.
  • Deliveries using our own transport.
  • Efficient and friendly telesales staff.
  • Most branded goods 'splittable' down to a single with no surcharge!
  • Probably the widest range of pre-packed products available on the market - including many organics.
  • Own label pre-packing also available.
  • Whole foods available in bulk.
  • Mid-bulk can also be ordered, in either 2kg or 5kg.
  • All products GMO free.
  • Accredited and registered with the Soil Association for the processing of organic products.
  • Special offers and promotions continuously operated.

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